Creepy Serial Cuddler Has Already Spooned 10,000 Victims

Photo: Henrik Sorensen/Getty Images

Pay-by-the hour snuggeries and cuddling apps were weird enough, but one New York man has managed to take cuddling to darker extremes than we previously knew existed.

The New York Post spoke to Mike Fine, serial snuggler. By his count, the 35-year-old has snuggled an unbelievable amount of women — 10,000 women to date — or about seven women per week, for an hour each.

Fine isn’t spooning with the intent of having sex. “Sex is like a chore, a routine,” he explained. “It’s like going to the dentist.” Instead, he’s developed brand-new snuggle moves that sound both nightmarish and difficult to escape — e.g., the “cuddle doggy style,” where a “woman raises up on all fours while he wraps himself around her holding and rocking her.” He only cuddles women, some of whom he meets at “cuddle parties” (others, he claims, seek out his services).

We hope someone shuts this down soon. But when asked if he would ever stop his snuggle hunts — should he enter into a monogamous relationship, say — Fine ominously replied: “I have no intention of stopping. I’m the cuddle star. It’s my thing.”

Be safe out there.

Creepy Serial Cuddler Has Spooned 10,000 Victims