Everyday Things Karl Lagerfeld Has Put the Chanel Logo On

Photo: Patrick Kovarik/Getty Images

Karl Lagerfeld loves to put the Chanel logo everywhere — on tweed jackets, jewelry, and slingbacks, of course, but also on any quotidian object he can find. (He may have even put it on these garbage bins. Prognosis unclear.) Thanks to Karl, you can swig from Chanel, play with Chanel, Hula-Hoop via Chanel, and even have Chanel save your life. Click through the slideshow for a list of things to which the designer has added his signature stamp. (By the way, the much-reblogged Chanel chainsaw is by Tom Sachs, not Lagerfeld, though he surely got a kick out of it.)

Everyday Things Karl Has Put the Chanel Logo On