Furry Thongs Have Been Trending Since the 19th Century

A naatsit: for day or night.
A naatsit: for day or night. Photo: Courtesy of the National Museum of Denmark

Weird-travel site Atlas Obscura calls our attention to an interesting historical undergarment called the naatsit, which was essentially a seal fur G-string, sewn together with whale sinew. Popular among 19th-century Greenlandic women, the naatsit was versatile — you could decorate it with glass beads — but also practical, because it effectively wicked away any butt perspiration before it froze. The undergarment was made to wear under seal-skin trousers and when entertaining guests around the home — a fact that calls to mind a recent great moment in fur thongs.

Photo: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Remember when Kim Kardashian donned a fur bikini last winter and we all shook our heads and thought, Oh Kim, you’re so crazy! Little did we know her fashion choice was actually a reference to common 19th-century Greenlandic undergarments.

Fur Thongs Have Been On-Trend Since the 1800s