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How to Avoid Goody-Two-Shoes Hair

I have what I call “goody-two-shoes hair”: so devoid of attitude that it could win a perfect-attendance award. After washing, it hangs limp, straight, and textureless, and it’s completely unmemorable. But a few spritzes of Bumble and bumble’s new surf spray, Surf Infusion, give my hair an injection of bad-girl influence. The brand’s new, updated Surf Spray formula incorporates hair oil to create a grungier, less fluffy take on beachy hair — think more Venice Beach than Malibu. Spray it liberally on the ends of your hair (avoid the roots so they don’t get greasy), then scrunch and twirl the ends for wavy, disheveled texture.

Bumble and bumble Surf Infusion, $29 at