Jessica Alba Needs Those Succulents, Thanks

Photo: David Slijper/More

Jessica Alba’s Honest Company — which produces over 117 different ecofriendly products sold at Target, Whole Foods, Costco, and beyond — is valued at nearly $1 billion.

Every CEO has her shtick, and Alba’s involves plants. She told More magazine that she had a singular vision for the Santa Monica work space: juicy green succulents.

“Sometimes my CFO gets irritated about it … Someone has to come every week to water and put them in the sun for a day, and that costs money. We needed something alive. We couldn’t just have pretty pictures … And so when he’s like, ‘Do we really need the live succulents?’ I say, ‘Yes, yes, we do.’”

Yes, you do.

Jessica Alba Needs Those Succulents, Thanks