The Pennsylvanian Transplant Channeling Marilyn Monroe

Lydon MacGregor.
Lydon MacGregor. Photo: Bobby Doherty

Lydon MacGregor, Student

Lydon is quite an unusual name. My legal name is Tara, but my parents called me Lily and, a few years ago, I started feeling like I wasn’t a Lily anymore. It’s so feminine, and I identify as genderqueer, so I started going by Lydon, which is my father and brother’s middle name, and it just felt more me. And my partner, Davis, and I, we both decided to go by the pronoun they.

Do you and Davis live together? We do. It’s us, my best friend, and a kitty cat. It feels like a little family.

Where are you from? A small town in Pennsylvania; I always wanted to end up in New York. During my first month here, I was that idiot who couldn’t stop smiling. I remember being in Union Square and a gust of wind blew my skirt up and I thought it was the most glamorous thing. Now I’m like, Fuck the wind, what’s going on, I need to get out of here.

Lightning Round:
Favorite TV show: Mad Men.
Coat: Elizabeth and James.
Style inspiration: Cruella De Vil. “Even though she killed puppies.”
Last splurge: “A 30-pound slab of wax for $150. I’m making a mystic writing pad.”
Favorite street: East 9th Street. “Because Frank O’Hara lived there.”

*This article appears in the April 20, 2015 issue of New York Magazine.

The Student Transplant Channeling Marilyn Monroe