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Men: Just Admit You Dig Being Shirtless

Photo: Splash News/Corbis

While Lady Gaga and Rihanna enjoy being pantsless and really own that enjoyment, it appears male actors — though often shirtless — don’t seem to take much pleasure in their ability to roam the streets bare chested.

It’s really refreshing that newly minted heartthrob-hunky-dude Scott Eastwood is just totally up front about his love of going without a shirt, and taking every opportunity to expose his rippling abs and toned chest, a sentiment he shares with Treats magazine: “My friends will say, ‘Put a shirt on!’ But I grew up surfing and hanging out on the beach, so I’ve sort of always liked being shirtless.”

And after a deep dive in to his Instagram, it seems the kid does not lie:

Men: Just Admit You Dig Being Shirtless