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New York Magazine’s ‘Sex Lives’ Podcast: All About the D

Photo: chinaface/Getty Images

It’s time for another randy installment of New York Magazine’s “Sex Lives,” a podcast exploring sex as it relates to contemporary culture.

In the third episode, New York Magazines sex columnist Maureen O’Connor, the Cut’s Allison P. Davis, and host David Wallace-Wells spend the first half discussing the world’s first successful penis transplant, the subject of which raises all sorts of interesting questions: What is it like to walk around with someone else’s dong? And how do you respond when you pull down your boyfriend’s pants to find someone else’s D? What other penis surgeries are out there?

In the second half, they consider the sexual politics and ethics of the indie sex-horror movie, It Follows. The film, which was a surprise box-office hit, forces us all to ask ourselves one important question: Would you sacrifice an innocent person to rid yourself of an STD demon?

Tune in to the “Sex Lives” podcast, produced by the Slate Group’s Panoply, every week on iTunes or SoundCloud.

New York Magazine’s ‘Sex Lives’: All About the D