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Olivia Wilde Feels Strongly About Sustainable Jumpsuits

Olivia Wilde.
Olivia Wilde. Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Olivia Wilde was in heavy promotion-mode earlier this week, arriving at the H&M in Times Square on Tuesday night in a white pantsuit and a Led Zeppelin T-shirt to shill her latest sustainable “Conscious Exclusive” capsule collection for the store (it’s her fifth season fronting the campaign). Wilde and her business partner, Barbara Burchfield, curated a pop-up shop, a 22-piece assortment of jumpsuits and floaty maxidresses (all made of sustainable materials like organic hemp and recycled sequins), as well as other ecoproducts from labels like Lauren Bush Lauren’s FEED and artisan-made products by Preserve (yes, Blake Lively’s Preserve).

Wilde was quick to explain what people get wrong about sustainable fashion. “The assumption that all sustainable [fashion] is crunchy brings me down more than anything,” she told the Cut. “People think if it’s sustainably or ethically made, it probably won’t be chic enough for them. That’s just not true. Sustainability can be fashionable and H&M is doing a great job proving it can be on a very large scale.”

Wilde, who also has a film at the Tribeca Film Festival this year (Meadowland), is already thinking about her next sustainable-fashion project. “I think Hillary Clinton would look fantastic in a sustainably made pantsuit by us,” she said. “Our next collaboration is definitely for Hillary. Just hook us up. Okay? Tell her to text me, please.”

Olivia Wilde Loves a Sustainable Jumpsuit