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Meet the Only Two People Who Don’t Find Amy Schumer Funny

“What is an Amy Schumer?” —Kimye Photo: Timothy A. Clary/Getty Images

Last night at a gala for the Time 100 honorees, Amy Schumer interrupted Kim and Kanye’s red-carpet moment when she flung herself at their feet in an exaggerated gesture of reverence. Kim looked at Kanye with an uncertain smile playing on her lips. Babe, do we find this funny? she asked telepathically. Kanye’s unsmiling face was the only answer she needed. Together, they threw the slightest, steely glance downward, and delicately sidestepped the prostrate fan.

Watch out for roadkill, babe. Photo: Photos by Timonthy A. Clary
The Only People Who Don’t Find Amy Schumer Funny