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Kristen Schaal Is the Patron Saint of Big Ol’ Weirdos Everywhere

Photo: Byron Purvis/Corbis

Based on the roster of characters that Kristen Schaal has played, it’s possible that she’s the best and most lovable goof television has to offer. In an interview with Details, she was asked to comment on how she felt about being cast as yet another oddball, this time the “less than perfect girl” Carol Pilbasian on the Fox series The Last Man on Earth. Her response was inspiration to big ol’ weirdos all over this green earth: “I was thrilled,” she said. “I would not want to play a perfect girl—ever.”

It’s reassuring that we’ll never see Schaal cast as some ingenue, because characters like her baked-bean-loving Pilbasian, adorably unstable stalker Mel, and other adorable stalker Hazel Wassername inspire us to hoist our freak flag up the masthead and let it flap wildly in the breeze.

The Patron Saint of Big Ol’ Weirdos Everywhere