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Actually, Personal Brands Horrify Tinsley Mortimer

It's Tinsley Mortimer!
It’s Tinsley Mortimer! Photo: Neil Rasmus/BFAnyc.com

Gleaming array of blonde highlights Tinsley Mortimer is here to report about the changing cast of modern socialites. Goodness, where did they come from? A lorry, she suggests, like a person who has deep affection for artificiality and thesauruses. Yes, they’ve all fallen off a lorry in which everyone talks about themselves as a godforsaken brand!

In Mortimer’s words:

You would be surprised at how some of these young women show up at Locust Valley and Palm Beach clubs. Everyone looks like they fell off a lorry. In my day, no one would ever have dreamed of going out to an event without preparation. I’m not saying women were happier, but no one talked about herself as being a brand.

It was not five months ago that Tinsley talked about her own personal brand, then discussed as a pioneer of personal brands. At that time, she spoke about the evolution of her cartoonish socialite brand into a cartoonish hostess brand. She launched a housewares line that Jessica Pressler described as “a strange fit for someone who is known mostly for never being home.” It can be difficult keeping that personal brand on brand, you know. Crass things can be so delicate sometimes.

Personal Brands Horrify Tinsley Mortimer