Miss Piggy, Extraordinary Puppet, to Receive Award for Feminism

Pig Muppet and 2015 feminist icon, Miss Piggy.
Pig Muppet and 2015 feminist icon, Miss Piggy. Photo: NBC/Getty Images

The Brooklyn Museum’s Sackler Center First Awards annually honor pioneering woman who were first in their fields, paving the way for future women, inspiring them, showing them all they can become. Toni Morrison, Sandra Day O’Connor, Connie Chung, and Julie Taymor have all received the high honor.

This year’s award goes to fashion’s most beloved pig. And that’s not a euphemism.

It was announced yesterday by the AP that none other than Miss Piggy, the non-kosher kids’ character and HMIC (Head Muppet in Charge) who award namesake Elizabeth Sackler said embodies “spirit, determination, and grit,” would be joining the illustrious list of past recipients.

Asked how she feels about this highest of honors, the felt Francophile declared, “Moi is thrilled.” So are we, Miss Piggy, so are we.

Pioneering Puppet Awarded for Her Feminism