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The Most Profound Moments From a Day With Kim Kardashian

Photo: EM43/Splash News

In anticipation of Kim Kardashian’s new Rizzoli coffee-table book, Selfish, which is a years-long collection of selfies, Harper’s Bazaar has an exclusive diary-style breakdown of a day in the life of Kim K. We’ve combed through this super-important feat of journalism and culled the gems.

On Conversation:

My first real conversation of the day is with North, although I’m not getting a whole lot back from her yet.

On Maintaining the Flesh:

I live in a gated community with lots of horse trails, so I run on those, or on the treadmill in our home gym on the other side of the house.

On Sustenance:

Kanye loves to eat really healthy and is always on different diets. He has a chef who comes in the morning and cooks breakfast for both of us and gets our meal plans together for the day.

On Cleanliness:

I love baths. I usually take them pretty regularly.

On Sartorial Matters:

After hair and makeup, getting dressed is 10 or 15 minutes; it doesn’t take me long.

On the Genesis Creativity:

I started taking pictures years ago, around 2006, and I kept them, all organized on my computer in folders. We didn’t call them selfies back then. I had no idea what I was saving, just memories, really.

On Family:

I can’t live without talking to my family. I’m obsessed with them. We’re on group chats every single day — well, all the girls, for sure.

On Modern-Day Diversions:

I don’t watch a whole lot of TV or movies, but when I do it’s typically murder shows.

Profound Moments From a Day With Kim Kardashian