SHOWstudio’s Panelists and Interviewees Drop Fashion Knowledge

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Apparently, the crew at SHOWstudio contains more sports fans than you might expect. When the site began convening panels of experts to speak about various aspects of fashion, inspiration sprung from an unlikely source. “The idea came, oddly enough, from football!” says site editor Lou Stoppard. “We loved the idea of open, exciting, nonexclusive commentaries — giving viewers the experience of being on the front row, having a chat and debrief with the experts around them! From attending the shows, I know that the best discussion and critique often comes during those moments sitting and waiting for a show to start, or in the car afterward, and we wanted to capture that.” One of her all-time favorites (below) featured Tim Blanks, Alexander Fury, and Amanda Harlech chatting it up alongside the very couture garments they were discussing.

In addition to the more pulled-back panel format, SHOWstudio has explored some individual-focused projects. The site’s In Fashion feature has profiled fashion luminaries like photographer David Sims, editor Jefferson Hack, and designer Craig Green, while the In Your Face series profiles artists like Marina Abramovic (below). For fashion fans, it’s the equivalent of a very chic ESPN Red Zone.

SHOWstudio’s Panelists Drop Fashion Knowledge