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Sometimes You Need a Chic, Grown-up iPhone Case

When it comes to protecting your iPhone, owning a silly novelty case like Patrick Bateman’s business card or Chanel’s nail polish can be fun. Not only do they look great in a mirror selfie, but they remind you not to take life too seriously. Sadly, there will be times when you probably shouldn’t whip out a monstrous rubber Totoro from your pocket to show a photo or check an email. For those important meetings and lunches when you have to act like an adult to impress other (more boring) adults, consider these VIANEL ostrich cases. The rich jewel colors and discreet design aren’t just pretty and practical, they also tell the world you’re a grown, responsible person who probably has a 401k, eats plenty of kale, and has a healthy flossing habit. Plus, they will fit into your pocket better than any Moschino rubber bear ever will.

VIANEL ostrich iPhone 6 case, $120 at VIANEL