Sydney Street Style: Giant Florals and Flared Jeans

Zanita Morgan; Leaf Greener; Nicole Warne. Photo: YoungJun Koo/I AM KOO

Sydney Fashion Week wrapped up yesterday and while it might be officially fall Down Under, everyone dressed like spring had just started. Leaf Greener posed in an intricately embellished gown by Aussie designers Romance Was Born, accented with a gigantic flower stuck through her topknot. Also in the floral camp was Nicole Warne, in a rose-photo-print skirt accented with flouncy Aquazzura sandals. Christine Centenera decided to go the more traditional street-style route and wear a runway look from Prada. The best parts, though, of this week were all the wildcards: a grandmother-granddaughter duo clad in matching novelty knits, a girl in super-’70s paisley flares, and another girl in a punkish blazer featuring an angry shark. Click ahead to see them, along with other inspiring street-stylers.

Sydney Street Style: Florals and Flared Jeans