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Zac Efron Wore the Perfect Example of Festive Bro-Gear


Here’s this photo of evolved bro-actor Zac Efron on the set of the forthcoming film Dirty Grandpa. He’s wearing the uniform of party-happy lax brahs everywhere: A “funny” T-shirt (cropped enough to show off abs honed by hours chasing balls on a field); shiny brown penny loafers (most likely purchased by his mom at the Bass Outlet); and loud, awesome Zubaz pants. They are a loose-fitting, eye-catching style — popular with bodybuilders in 1988 — that draw attention to the groin and butt. The whole outfit says, I’m here for the chill party, brah, but also Please, please look at me.

Yes, Zefron was obliged to wear this costume as part of his professional job, but you can easily see him blending in at a high school prom after-party in Westchester, a college football tailgate, a fraternity back-to-school barbecue, and/or Coachella.

This Is the Perfect Example of Festive Bro-Gear