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How to Do a Two-Minute Cardio Workout Without Running

People who hate running: This next series of workout GIFs is for you. Annie Mulgrew, program director of City Row, created a short two-minute workout that will enable you to reap the benefits of cardio, even without a treadmill or horse trails in a gated community. Her designed workout pushes your body to an anaerobic (oxygen-demanding state), which increases your endurance and burns lots of calories. She suggests doing ten sets of each exercises without rest in-between, with as many rounds as you can in two minutes. The goal is to get your heart rate up the entire time.

Step 1: Try doing walk-outs with alternating arm reaches. You can also modify the exercise to include leg reaches.

Step 2: Channel Peter Parker with Spiderman reaches. When doing these, be careful not to let your abs or stomach sink. Keep your core tight as you raise each leg to the elbow.

Step 3: When doing these bicycle crunches, be careful not to crunch your neck and keep your neck in line with your spine. The closer your legs are to the floor, the harder the exercise.

Step 4: End with sumo squats and alternating leg lifts. As you do each leg lift, crunch your obliques.

Mulgrew is wearing the Aritzia Community RASA bra ($30) and TNA Atmosphere Legging ($55).

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