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5 Easy Workout Moves That Will Make You Stronger

There’s nothing wrong with working out for reasons of vanity, like trying to get the elusive “Dancer V” or a perkier butt. But sometimes it’s easy to forget about movements that really make you stronger. The Cut worked with Natalie Uhling, NBC Radius Sports Master Trainer and UnderArmour athlete, to create a five-move workout that will help you become stronger all over. Take a cue from Britney and be “stronger than yesterday.” (Metallic chair not required for this set of moves.) Do 15 reps for three sets. 

Move 1: Borrow a move from ballerinas and try the plié. Turn your feet out three-quarters. Imagine squeezing an imaginary beach ball between your thighs as you bend your knees. (What is a beach ball doing there? Never mind, just envision it anyway —  it helps engage the outer and inner thighs.) Pivot to change your plié’s direction.

Move 2: To do the reverse V, start with your hands behind your back, pushing into a bridge. Press through the triceps into a reverse V and pike, engaging your abs and core muscles to hold.

Move 3: As a modification of the chaturanga, a yoga pose, start with a push-up and move into a plank. Push forward using your feet. This move works your triceps and abs.

Move 4: Try the wide-diamond reach, moving from a push-up into a plank. As a stability move, raise one arm and then the other.

Move 5: Uhling calls this move the “shoot and pass.” Use your core muscles to move into a high-plank V and then “shoot and pass,” pivoting from one direction to the other.

Uhling is wearing the UnderArmour HeatGear Armour Sports Bra ($24.99) and the StudioLux Artsy Capri ($69.99).

5 Easy Moves That Will Make You Stronger