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Book a Night in One of Tokyo’s ‘Crying Rooms’

Photo: Corbis

Yes, a honeymoon suite offers a sanctioned place to have wild sex, and a presidential suite lets you feel the thrill of power, but neither of these rooms feels like the appropriate place to have a good cry.

Mitsui Garden Yotsuya, a hotel in Tokyo, recognized this hole in the market and is now offering “crying rooms,” a luxurious space for women to rid themselves of all their feelings with a hearty cry. Each room is stocked with luxury tissues, a selection of tearjerker films, makeup remover, and a steam eye mask so you don’t have to enter the world with cry eyes the morning after.

The crying rooms cost $83 a night. Hey, it’s better than crying on a subway platform, street corner, or the shower you share with your roommate — although probably not as good as crying in a KFC.

Book a Night in One of Tokyo’s ‘Crying Rooms’