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Can Gummy Candy Make You More Beautiful? Olly Probiotics

Olly Probiotics

Word about these delicious gummy vitamins traveled through the office. They're from Olly, the company that makes vitamins allegedly designed for millennials, and are supposed to help you sleep (Olly Restful Sleep), poop (Olly Simply Fiber), and digest better (Olly Effortless Digestion). A single serving (two gummies) of the Undeniable Beauty vitamin contains 2,500 milligrams of biotin, which is 833 percent of the suggested daily value. Texture- and taste-wise, these grapefruit gummies tasted the best, with a tangy flavor that wasn’t too sweet. The texture was nice and chewy, and the flavor spread evenly all over my tongue. The company also makes probiotic gummies, which are known to improve your skin, and tasted like a tart mango candy.


Courtesy of Olly