Dancers Share Secrets About Fixing Up Your Gnarled Feet

Photo: Erik Isakson/Corbis

What sparks both joy and dread when the weather warms? Sandals — especially if you haven’t taken a look below your ankles since last fall. While your feet hibernated in boots, they acquired bunions, cracked heels, or splintered nails. Or worse, maybe they got soft, and in a fit of excitement on that first warm day, you slipped them into leather sandals or new loafers with no socks, only to find them blistered and bloodied an hour later. If you’ve exhausted traditional remedies, like gritty scrubsexfoliating creams, and foot files, consider some well-timed advice from dancers, who call messy feet an occupational hazard. Just imagine what your feet would look like if you spent your workday on pointe. To find out how to fake pretty feet, the Cut asked these pros for the remedies they turn to when a simple pedicure isn’t enough. From body makeup to vinegar soaks and fake nails, click through the slideshow for the best advice on how to take your feet in public and hold your head high (or look down, because your feet are so gorgeous).

Dancers Share How to Fix Up Your Gnarled Feet