This Designer Is About to Make Ikea Couches Way More Exciting

Designer Walter Van Beirendonck.
Designer Walter Van Beirendonck. Photo: Francois Guillot/Getty Images

Walter Van Beirendonck, the Belgium designer who put anti-racism messages on headdresses and butt plugs on lapels, is bringing his unique sense of whimsy to a collaboration with Ikea, of all places, for a furniture collection that launches in June 2016.

For his part, Van Beirendonck won’t just scrawl “Stop Racism” across a couch and call it a day (though yeah, I’d still buy that); the collection will feature five prints he created around a story he invented. He explains in an Ikea video:

I came up with a story about characters living in the clouds, and the sun and the moon, which were very sad because there’s so much going wrong in the world. They’re crying and big tears are falling down and the clouds get big holes. The cloud people really start to panic, “What’s going on? Our clouds are broken!”

Delightfully weird! But, the question still remains: Will a Van Beirendonck for Ikea couch be any easier to build?

Ikea Couches Are About to Get Way More Exciting