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John Galliano’s Apology Tour Continues

John Galliano.
John Galliano. Photo: David M. Benett/Getty Images

Since making anti-Semitic statements in Paris four years ago, John Galliano has apologized on Charlie Rose (in a memorable episode that was later adapted into a sock-puppet stage play. Yes, really). He has apologized on French TV and in the French newsmagazine Le Point. He apologized to Ingrid Sischy in the pages of Vanity Fair, and to the plaintiffs in his own case. So, what has he been up to lately, you might ask. More apologizing, it seems.

As reported by The Guardian today, the designer spoke at London’s Central Synagogue with Rabbi Barry Marcus, who has become a close friend and who attended the designer’s first show for Maison Margiela in January. In a familiar refrain, Galliano told the crowd, “I am an alcoholic. I am an addict. We alcoholics and we addicts are not responsible for our disease.” He then added, “However, I do take complete responsibility for my recovery and making amends.” He says he is now on a “spiritual path … God is in the driving seat, not me.” And when a questioner asked him what would have happened if he hadn’t been fired from Dior, Galliano speculated, “I think I would be dead.”

Rabbi Marcus told the crowd that Galliano should not be dealt with “more harshly” than an “endless list of celebrities” who have made anti-Semitic statements, offering Mel Gibson and ex-MP George Galloway as examples.

Apologies weren’t the only thing on the docket, however: The two also talked fashion. Now settled into his role at Margiela, Galliano said he enjoys re-focusing on design, or as he put it, “talking about shiny black or matte black for two hours.” Given Rick Owens’s strong opinions on that topic yesterday, we bet the two would hit it off. Road-trip buddies, perhaps?

John Galliano’s Apology Tour Continues