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Lena Dunham Selfied With Kim Kardashian’s Selfish

Lena Dunham.
Lena Dunham.

So you bought Selfish, Kim Kardashian’s new anthropological study of a topic she holds dear to her heart (how she looks in photographs). You preordered it, even. It came in the mail. You gleefully unearthed the small yet mighty tome, filled to the brim with photos of Kim, Kim’s family, Kim’s friends, Kim’s baby, Kim’s body, and more Kim.

But then what?

Do you display it on your coffee table, announcing to visitors that yes, you keep up with the Kardashians? Do you stash it in your room like contraband, so that no one knows how deep your obsession goes? Or, do you do as Lena Dunham chose to, and enter selfie-ception by posting a selfie with Selfish to that place where selfies live and thrive — Instagram?

You post. You hashtag it with #selfie and #yeahiboughtit. And under no circumstances do you apologize, because as Dunham elegantly points out, to buy Selfish is to “support experiments in female identity exploration.” We are students of pop culture. We will not be shamed.

Lena Dunham Selfied With Selfish