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Lonely Apple Watch Users Search for Fellow Heartbeats

Photo: Apple

The problem with being an early adopter is that there is a long stretch of time during which you’re just waiting for everyone else in the world to catch up. None are so affected, perhaps, as Apple Watch owners. Sure, they can use their newfangled wrist phones to iMessage and iCall people, but they can’t use those special “intimate” social features only available on the Apple Watch. They can’t send fun little drawings to anyone, they can’t tap someone and feel them tap back, and they can’t share their unique heartbeat with a special someone, either. It’s a cold and lonely world out there.

But it doesn’t have to be. Wired reports that there is a subreddit (of course) designed for people who have this problem. r/lonelyheartbeats is like a personals section for Apple Watch users seeking a warm, live heartbeat. (I guess it beats Craigslist?) Currently, it seems the subreddit is a success — there are 88 users connecting with one another and listening to the unique rhythm of each other’s life force.

Lonely Apple Watch Users Search for Heartbeats