Naomi Campbell Parties for Art, Loves Basquiat

Photo: BFAnyc

Over a hundred of fashion and art’s biggest and chicest players came out last night for a Burberry dinner in downtown Manhattan, hosted by supermodel Naomi Campbell, W editor Stefano Tonchi, and Lisa Phillips, the director of the New Museum. The fête honored British artist Ed Atkins on the eve of the Frieze Art Fair, which opens today. Atkins will also appear in the New Museum’s 2015 Triennial. The Cut caught up with Campbell over cocktails, and though her own face is a work of art, we managed to stop starting at her long enough to chat about how she loves Impressionism, working with Christopher Bailey, and her favorite British candy (Curly Wurly, for the record). Click on to see moments from the evening, including Cut style favorite Lucy Chadwick, Derek Blasberg, Bethann Hardison, and more.

It’s Frieze this weekend and we’re celebrating art, are you a collector?
I learned a lot about it in the last six or seven years, just who the people are and what I like. I actually like the Impressionists, I love Monet and the old-school artists. I love the light. Of course, I love contemporary art, too. I love Basquiat. I care about the history of the person making the art and seeing how it reflects on the canvas. I’m not a connoisseur. You might say something’s amazing and I may not get it. I just like what I see and I interpret it the way I see it.

We heard you talking excitedly about candy when you just came in. Are you looking for candy?
Well, the last time I came here for a W event, they had candy all over here [gestures to the bar behind us]. And this being Burberry and a British event, I thought they would have some. But they don’t have it. I’m not saying I’m eating it! I’m not into sugar.

You just wanted to see the candy?
Yeah, because it was all British candy. It reminded me of my childhood.

Did you have a favorite candy when you were growing up?
Oh my God, so many. Sooooo many. Curly Wurly. Love Hearts. It’s like a little candy in the shape of hearts, and they say things like “Miss You So Much” or “Be My Valentine.”

Tell us about your experience working with Burberry and being the face of the campaign.
It’s been amazing. We’ve had a long-standing relationship and to be a part of the Burberry family again 14 years later, it’s overwhelming. Honestly, working with Christopher Bailey and his team all over the world — they’re so professional. It’s fun and I don’t even look at it like it’s work. I’ve done some great jobs with them and great events. It’s just fun. It’s like a family, a great family to work with. To be in the campaign with Jourdan [Dunn] was really amazing. It’s good to see two black women in a campaign and Christopher took that risk. I can’t thank him enough.

Naomi Campbell Parties for Art, Loves Basquiat