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Meet the Pretty New Face of Miu Miu’s First Fragrance

Stacy Martin.
Stacy Martin. Photo: Courtesy of Miu-Miu

Today, Miu Miu announces that the face of its first-ever fragrance (name not yet revealed) is Stacy Martin — an actress who was last seen in the Lars von Trier film Nymphomaniac wearing a prosthetic vagina. Martin was photographed by Steven Meisel for the campaign, looking polished and sophisticated but with an undercurrent of a dark edge. In a press release, the brand said, “Martin is Miu Miu personified. Martin’s artistic rigor and iconoclastic spirit align perfectly with the woman Prada envisions for the brand: at once refined and rebellious, but above all, fearless.” (Emphasis their own.) No details have been released on how the fragrance smells, but look for the first ads in September.

The Pretty New Face of Miu Miu’s First Fragrance