Renting a Boyfriend Is Cheaper Than Renting a Car

Photo: sayuri_0806/Twitter

If you’ve ever looked at one of those Rent-a-Boyfriend services that offer sexless, pay-by-the-hour companions to women in China and Japan and thought, Hey, I wonder how much that’d cost? Is it cheaper than an actual relationship? I’d do it if it were less expensive than, say, a rental car or a weekend trip to the beach, then this financial breakdown of a standard Rent-a-Boyfriend date will help you out.

A Japanese morning show followed a housewife who rented a boyfriend through the Rental Kareshi Premium agency. The Rent-a-Boyf comes in three models: Fresh ($40/hour), Regular ($48/hour), and Special ($56/hour). Keep in mind these rates do not include any kissing or sex (strictly forbidden) but do include activities like shopping, a single hug, and a karaoke/hand-holding session. What’s the cost of that, you ask? Priceless? Or, according to Kotaku: $555.27. Here’s the breakdown.

In addition to the $313.71 rental fees, this Rent-a-Boyfriend experience cost:

• $8.29 for crêpes

• $78.19 on accessories bought on the “shopping date”

• $32.89 on karaoke

• $117.36 on a meal

• $3.22 on sticker pictures

• $1.61 on an arcade game

Reportedly, since renting a boyfriend is a popular and common practice, it might set you back half a grand, but will not cost you your dignity. So: a steal.

Renting a Boyfriend Is Cheaper Than a Rental Car