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Silicon Valley Tries to Understand Workplace Gender Issues

Last night’s episode of HBO’s Silicon Valley, “The Lady,” attempted to address issues around gender in the workplace (and criticism that the show itself didn’t feature enough women) by adding a female coder to the mix. In this clip, the Pied Piper guys debate hiring practices. Hire the best person for the job? Hire a woman? Hire the best person for the job, make sure that person is a woman, and then remember that the “woman part is irrelevant”?  Solving sexism is hard.

Fortunately, Carla, their new hire, shuts down any sort of implication that she’s some kind of token, reminding them all that she’s not a “woman engineer,” but an engineer and a superior one at that.  And then she proceeds to spend the rest of the episode screwing with her male coworkers by rubbing their faces in how much more money she’s making. Guess we’re also addressing the wage gap in this episode!

Silicon Valley Tries to Understand Gender Issues