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These Fancy Q-tips Will Change Your Makeup Routine

Photo: Jeff Alexander

If it’s possible for a Q-tip to be too bomb (Q2B?), these DHC Olive Oil Swabs would be it. These Q-tips with olive-oil-soaked tips have become the MVP of my makeup arsenal, more so than any fancy makeup brush I own. Picture this: you apply your mascara too vigorously and wind up with a double layer on your eyelid. Or you finally create a perfect cat eye but the end isn’t flicky enough. Or, in an attempt to J.Lo yourself, you add too much highlighter. Enter the fancy Q-tip. Mysteriously dry to the touch despite being infused with olive oil, these tips remove and perfect makeup (and are so gentle, they can even be used on baby skin). Leaving zero greasy residue, it’s an “undo” button on your makeup, allowing you to instantly correct and fix your mistakes.

DHC Olive Virgin Oil Swabs, $6 at

These Q-tips Will Change Your Makeup Routine