50 of the Best Outfits From All 10 Seasons of Friends


When Netflix dropped all ten seasons of Friends at once, the gauntlet was thrown: I had no choice but to rewatch the whole show start to finish. In the name of journalism, I holed myself up on weekends and found pockets of weeknights to mainline episode after episode. In doing so, I learned a few things.

One: I never want anyone to be there for me ever, ever again.

Two: The true New York dream is to fall in love with someone and move into their much nicer, rent-controlled apartment they inherited from their grandmother. A salute to you, Chandler Bing.

And three: Fashion hasn’t changed much at all.

Sure, Rachel favored miniskirts, Phoebe had her hippie garb, and Monica gave equal love to dresses and pants, but each girl was a little bit normcore, a little bit corporate-casual. What’s more, a lot of their clothing choices wouldn’t look out of place in any local Urban Outfitters. Yes, what goes around comes around, but rewatching a show that premiered 20 years ago really puts that in stark relief. All told, I took screenshots of 1,172 outfits, some great, some funny, and some that were rightfully left in the ‘90s.

Click through to see 50 of the greatest outfits from every season of Friends, in chronological order. (Because there were only so many variations on ill-fitting button-downs and pleat-front pants, we excluded the men from this roundup. Well, except for one.)


50 of the Best Outfits From Friends