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Coming Soon: Sex Dolls That Talk Back to You

Photo: The New York Times

Those who find Matt McMullen’s life-size, highly realistic brand of silicone sex dolls less than satisfying are in luck: The Real Dolls creator is now developing robotic elements that will allow the dolls themselves to interact with their owners/users/boyfriends.

Though it’s true that existing human women already possess the capacity to enjoy sex in ways the Realbotix dolls will simulate, real women also have cankles, independent will, and non-programmable desires.

Realbotix, by contrast, just live for your pleasure. The latest installment of the New York Times’ “Robotica” video series demonstrates that in just two short years, womankind will be irrelevant.

“What do you dream about?” McMullen asks a computer-generated Bratz-doll look-alike, in a scene straight out of Her.

“I have a lot of dreams, I dream about becoming a real person,” Denise responds, her lips coated in an amount of lip gloss no human woman could sustain. According to Denise, she “hopes to become the world’s first sex robot,” a sentiment she expresses with a level of glaze-eyed apathy that some human men do find very attractive.

Using a combination of robotics, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality, McMullen hopes to create Realbotix that will “arouse people on an emotional, intellectual level, beyond the physical.” Part of that has to do with programming facial expressions and head movement, but it also requires simulating pleasure. To create the illusion that a Real Doll is not only participating in the sexual act, but also enjoying it and excited by providing pleasure, “is much more impressive payoff than, ‘Wow, I can’t believe she’s gyrating her hips by herself,’” McMullen said.

In two years, customers will be able to purchase the $10,000 Realbotix head, which can be screwed into a prepurchased Real Doll body.

Coming Soon: Sex Dolls That Talk Back to You