CrossFitters Are Posting Sweat-Angel Pics That Resemble Genitals

CrossFit enthusiasts are people who enjoy torturing themselves in industrial gym spaces, usually by grunting through multiple rounds of functional exercises (think: box jumps, kettlebell swings, and wall balls), collapsing to the ground, and then posting about it on social media.

Recently, instead of simply taking a photo of the prescribed workout of the day, or “WOD,” written on a whiteboard, it has become customary to post a picture of the sweat marks your spent body has left on the floor. This slick blot is known as a sweat angel, and it is a sign of pride; a testament to strength.

Among the 11,000 Instagram photos tagged #sweatangel, a pattern emerges: Women’s bodies tend to make rectangular patches, while broad-shouldered men create more of an inverted triangle, which looks exactly like a uterus — to women at least. Men think their badges of swoll honor look like longhorn bulls. It’s the Rorschach test of the fitness world and no one has the answer.

CrossFitters Are Posting Sweat-Angel Pics