Garance Doré Thinks It’s Okay to Like Your Own Instagrams

Garance Doré.
Garance Doré. Photo: Joe Schildhorn/BFA.com

We should all look to Garance Doré for our social-media etiquette cues. “I don’t think I have ever done anything too embarrassing” on Instagram, she said at last night’s CFDA Awards, where the app was being honored with the Media Award. “I’ve been doing [the] internet for a while. I know to be careful.” As for whether it’s gauche to like your own photos, she’s still on the fence. “I think I liked one of my own photos today,” she admitted. “I just wanted to try, actually. It’s funny because I was asking my friend, ‘Is that okay? Should you like your own photos?’ And it doesn’t make a big difference, you know? So I mean, yeah. Why not? It’s like giving some thumbs-up, why not?”

One thing she doesn’t make a habit of: deleting a photo just because it didn’t perform well. “Maybe it’s not as appealing as a cat photo or something, but your core followers will be like, ‘That’s my girl,’ you know?  Just don’t do it for the likes. That’s my motto.”

Garance Doré: It’s OK to Like Your Own ’Grams