So You Bought Some Culottes, Now How Do You Style Them?

Photo: Franey Miller

Maybe you were not an early adopter of the culotte trend, but through repeated exposure and soul-searching, you’ve been worn down to the point of purchasing a pair. Now what? Can you make these pants with feminist origins work for a day at the office? Can you style them for a dressy night out? The Cut found four women in New York City to try them out and prove that not only are culottes comfortable and easy to wear but also happen to look pretty great.

Photographer: Franey Miller; Styling by Diana Tsui; Makeup by William Scott; Hair by Takashi Ashizawa using Oribe Hair Care; Photo Editor: Emily Shornick; Fashion Assistant: Stephanie Eckardt.

So You Like Culottes, Now How Do You Wear Them?