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J.Crew Employee Brags About Surviving the ‘Hunger Games’

Photo: Lionsgate

Office Etiquette 101: When 175 of your fellow employees have just been laid off, a photo shoot in which you claim to have survived the Hunger Games is not in terribly good taste. The New York Post reports that J.Crew vice-president of men’s merchandising Alejandro Rhett did just that after the company’s shakeup last week, which also entailed bringing on a new head of design in the form of Madewell’s Somsack Sikhounmuong.

He and co-worker Julie Stamos headed out to a local bar, where they posted celebratory photos on Instagram (since taken down) that referenced The Hunger Games and its tagline “May the odds be ever in your favor.” We contacted a spokesperson for the company, who commented, “J.Crew does not condone this. As soon as we were made aware, the appropriate actions took place.”

J.Crew VP Brags About Surviving ‘Hunger Games’