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If You Don’t Take Online Harassment Seriously, ‘Congratulations on Your White Penis’

On last night’s episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver confronted the scourge of online harassment of women, which can happen to “any woman who makes the mistake of having a thought in her mind, and then vocalizing it online.” Guilty!

Oliver chronicled the gruesome threats faced by video-game critic Anita Sarkeesian and other female journalists who dare to have an opinion, including the evocative “I’m going to stick an egg in your vaginal canal and punch it” and the evergreen “I’m going to rape you and remove your head.” As Oliver points out, many law-enforcement officials don’t even know how to begin investigating online threats, which can make victims feel all the more unsafe — and harassers all the more emboldened.

At least now you have a comeback GIF for when losers hop in your mentions:

John Oliver Takes on Online Harassment of Women