Jon Snow’s Hottest Moments on Game of Thrones

Photo: HBO

Over five seasons of Game of Thrones we’ve been by Jon Snow’s side, as sure as his beloved direwolf, Ghost. We’ve watched him grow from the bastard of Winterfell — lost and unsure of his place in the world — into a new recruit of the Night’s Watch and, eventually, into a surefooted leader of men, a noble and honorable man, and a passionate and attentive lover (thanks, Ygritte, and RIP).

Major spoilers ahead. If you haven’t seen the season-five finale, stop reading. 

As his recent haircut foretold, our boy Jon Snow survived going up against an army of White Walkers, only to be deceived and stabbed several times by his Night’s Watch brothers. (Et tu, Olly? Et tu?) Of course, there’s always a chance he’ll rise again, but for now we must accept that Jon Snow, hunk of our hearts, lord of hair and pout, is dead.

We will miss so much about young Snow, but what will we miss the most? First: his pout. Has Jon Snow ever smiled? Has this world ever given him a reason to? Luckily, there has never been a pout more versatile than that of Jon Snow. Sometimes those pursed lips accompanied a furrowed brow, sometimes they accompanied a smolder of conflicted desire, the steady glare of certainty, or determined bravery in the face of certain death. Sometimes his trembling pout matched eyes full of tears, like when he held a dying Ygritte in his arms; sometimes, when he was focused on battle, they accompanied a glower, or, when he was mentoring young Olly, a soft, paternal expression.

But what we’ll miss the most is his hair. That hair. Hair that was as dark as a crow’s feather, as wild and tangled as Westerosi politics. Hair that stayed shiny and lush even against the harsh environmental factors of an ever-coming winter. Was there a better set of locks anywhere in the Seven Kingdoms?

Winter may have come for you, Jon Snow, but we will gaze upon these many photos and remember your hunkiness. Fly with your crow brothers now.

Jon Snow’s Hottest Moments on Game of Thrones