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Man Turns Himself in for ‘Skinny Jeans Hate Crime’

Photo: Christine Glade/Getty Images

It’s been a bad week for skinny jeans: On Tuesday, a woman was hospitalized for wearing a pair that was so tight it caused nerve and muscle damage, and today the L.A. Times reports that a California man has been arrested for allegedly committing a “hate crime” against three musicians wearing slender denim.

On Tuesday night, 25-year-old Timothy Brownell turned himself in to Sacramento police after he reportedly shouted homophobic slurs at three musicians in a local band called Slaves, then assaulted them with a knife.

“This man literally did all this cause we wear skinny jeans,” one of the injured band members wrote on Instagram. “What a jerk.”

Supporters of the trio are hosting an “I Wear Skinny Jeans” fund-raiser on Saturday to help raise money for the victims and to boost awareness about the plight of skinny-jeans wearers worldwide. As another victim put it, “Wish the world could stop hating what they don’t understand.”

Man Arrested for ‘Skinny Jeans Hate Crime’