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Everybody, Give Attention to These Men for Doing Things Women Do Every Day

Photo: WIN-Initiative/Getty Images

Every day millions of women across the globe apply makeup, slip on heels, and munch on a breakfast bar tucked into a pink-and-purple wrapper while heading out the door to work. We do not ask for recognition for accomplishing these everyday feats, and if we sometimes complain, it is only because our toes are being strangled by six-inch stilettos and our Spanx are making it hard to breathe. But there are some who demand praise for performing these herculean tasks: men.

Here we see a man who would like adulation for wearing makeup. He would like to make a point about feminism or something, but any point he may make is undercut by the LOL YOU LOOK RIDICULOUS DOING LADY STUFF nature of the stunt. Same with this man, who initially thought women were real you-know-whats for complaining about how painful heels are, but changed his tune after 12 hours in a pair of three-inch sandals, after which he literally began crying out for death. This guy wrote like a thousand words on how he didn’t grow hairy boobs after two weeks of eating Luna Bars. Can you believe it? Luna Bars don’t give you hairy boobs.

In fact, Men Trying Lady Stuff represents an entire genre of viral stunt videos. Such videos appear to provide an Important Message About Gender without actually providing any Message About Gender beyond “men like attention,” which is not quite revelatory:

Remember, ladies: Your experiences may not be legitimate unless a man has confirmed them himself.


Men Demanding Attention for Normal Things