Yes Way, Brosé: Men Finally Realizing Rosé Is the Best

Photo: Steve Lupton/Corbis

Women have to deal with patriarchy, sure, but men just discovered rosé — so who’s the real victim?

Twentysomething straight men who built their dadbods on a solid diet of Bud Light are now eschewing their rosé blasé and embracing their love of the pink wine, according to Details.

“Rosé is kind of like online dating,” actor Sam Daly told Details. “What was once a faux pas has become the norm. It’s totally become universally accepted among men and women. It’s kind of like the beer of wine.” If that’s the case, what’s the wine of wine?

In case you’re doubting the legitimacy of this trend, a Cut writer says that one of her bro friends “has his phone autocorrect rosé to brosé to save time.” That’s a serious commitment to a beverage best known as the star of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ opening credits. Life isn’t all diamonds and brosé, but it should be.

Men Finally Realize Rosé Is the Best