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That New Lindsay Lohan Fashion Collab Is Out, Involves Fringe

Lindsay Lohan can’t keep away from fashion, it seems. Despite her less-than-critically-lauded work at Ungaro, 6126 (her leggings-based line, which this very website once termed “alleged clothing”), and Pacific Sunwear — where she designed a capsule with the questionable title My Addiction — she’s back in the habit. Today, the 28-year-old actress revealed a collaboration with Lavish Alice, a U.K.-based retailer. And it is so, to use a favorite LiLo term, quiche.

A minidress with knee-enveloping fringe and a gray set of what might be termed “elevated sweats” are on deck. There’s also a midnight-blue tuxedo jacket with tassels, perfect for holding court in the corner of a nightclub. People who buy Lindsay Lohan collaborations: Form an orderly line, please.

New Lindsay Lohan Collab Is Out, Involves Fringe