No One at the Veuve Clicquot Classic Knows the Rules of Polo

Mindy Kaling; Freida Pinto; Maggie Gyllenhaal. Photo: Getty Images

This weekend, a glamorous crowd hopped on the ferry to Liberty State Park for New Jersey’s annual sunhat photo-op: the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic. Unsurprisingly, this year’s fresh-faced VIPs knew more about popping bottles than the rules of the game. “I don’t really know what polo is,” Maggie Gyllenhaal confided in the Cut before the game, clarifying: “I know that people are on a horse and they have long sticks …”

“I know nothing,” Joan Smalls said unabashedly. “I’m looking forward to learning about the game,” Freida Pinto chimed in. “I don’t really know much … the Champagne, you don’t need to teach me. I’m fine with that.”  Polo newcomer Emma Roberts added: “Everyone says it’s a lot of fun. And there’s a lot of cute guys.”

“How many people here are actually paying any attention to the polo?” wondered 50 Cent, the event’s voice of reason. “It looks really difficult, though. You’ve got to have a lot of experience on a horse to be comfortable,” he concluded, sagely.

But what the crowd lacked in polo proficiency, they made up for in summer sundresses. Click through the slideshow to see the well-dressed guests, including Mindy Kaling, Diane Kruger, Ruth Wilson, and more.

No One at the Polo Classic Knew Any of the Rules