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A Pixie-Haired Katy Perry Is Moschino’s Newest Face

Photo: Katy Perry/Instagram

Have you noticed a severe chain-link shortage recently? It may be because Katy Perry has seized an assortment of oversize gold necklaces and belts and piled them, Flavor Flav–style, over a gold bustier and patchwork jean jacket. While this seems like something Perry might do in any context, this time it’s happening in the service of Moschino’s newest campaign. Perry is, after all, one of designer Jeremy Scott’s closest friends, along with fellow celebs Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj. Their relationship came about pre-fame, as Scott told the Cut last year. Perry “came to me before she even had her first album and told me I was her favorite designer, and she hoped one day I would make her costumes,” he recalled. Considering that Perry revealed the campaign on Instagram, where she has over 21 million followers, it seems like dreams are coming true all around.

A Pixieish Katy Perry Is Moschino’s Newest Face