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People Who Overheard Sex Talk From Police Chopper Loudspeakers Disappointed It Wasn’t Dirtier

Photo: Ben Russell/Corbis

When a police chopper flies overhead and accidentally broadcasts a frank discussion about sex and blow jobs over the loudspeaker, you’d think local residents would be horrified. Not so for the citizens of Winnipeg, who were actually just disappointed the conversation wasn’t any smuttier.

“It was very bizarre. They were cursing quite a bit,” one person told the Winnipeg Sun after a police chopper accidentally activated its loudspeaker and broadcast an intimate conversation to everyone within earshot. “We caught the tamer version, which is sort of a shame.”

There are differing versions of what exactly the conversation entailed; one person tweeted she heard the words “blow job” and also some discussion of copious body hair, but others were more disappointed it didn’t get that raunchy.

“It was pretty clear and obviously a private conversation,” another witness tweeted. “I don’t think I heard anything about a blow job. That would have been much cooler.”

Police Chopper Accidentally Broadcasts Sex Talk