rain on your parade

Jessica Williams Explains the Problem With Putting a Woman on the $10 Bill

It was recently announced that by 2020 a woman (a real, to-be-determined woman!) would appear on the $10 bill. How exciting! Wow! Let it be Beyoncé!

But while we’re all excited about this symbolic victory for gender equality, truth-teller Jessica Williams pointed out that some practical problems remain. On last night’s Daily Show, she said that belatedly putting a woman on the $10 bill is kind of like an “awkward trip forward on a jagged sidewalk that you pretended you did on purpose.”

She then outlines all of the ways this is not as awesome as we previously thought: Alexander Hamilton will still also be on the $10 bill, so our lady will still have a “male chaperone”; nobody uses paper money anyway, so wouldn’t progress be “Harriet Tubman for Paypal”; and, the best point, why are we still focusing on putting women on money, instead of getting women more money?  Or, as Williams puts it: “I’d rather have ten full-Hamilton dollars than $8.45 of lady bucks.” 

All correct. Thanks for raining on the parade, J. Willy.  

The Problem With Putting a Woman on the $10 Bill