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Rob Lowe’s Skin Regimen Is a Miraculous Thing

Rob Lowe.
Rob Lowe. Photo: Noel Vasquez/GC Images/Getty Images

Whether you relate to his concerns about dadbod or love the chirpy way he says “Ann Perkins” as the Über-fit Chris Traeger on Parks and Recreation, it’s clear that Rob Lowe is a man that other men find beautiful. It was this belief, in part, that spurred Lowe to create his first skin-care line, Profile 4 Men, which launches this year (and which, he sayshe carries everywhere he goes).

In fact, Lowe’s skin-care products sounded so good that three male Vulture editors — Jesse David Fox, Nate Jones, and Alex Jung — asked the Cut if they could try it. After they used the creams for two weeks, we checked in with them. From revelations about “eyelid” creams to concerns about gooey pillows, here’s what they had to say.

Kathleen Hou, senior beauty editor, the Cut: So, how was the experience of using Profile 4 Men?

Nate Jones, associate editor, Vulture: There were a lot of creams! And I sometimes did not know which order to put the creams on my face!

Alex Jung, associate editor, Vulture: The moisturizer smelled like wet Play-Doh.

Nate: But the serum smelled like carrot cake! I loved it.

Jesse David Fox, senior editor, Vulture: I liked the eyelid one.

Alex: Wasn’t it under-eye?

Jesse: Sorry, under-eye. Yes. I have the under-eyes of a teen.

Alex: Oh I thought maybe you actually put it on your eyelids.

Jesse: I put them on my eyelid, too. They were doing so well on my under-eyes.

Jesse: Wait. I want to ask a question. Have you guys done this before? Alex, you seem to know a lot.

Nate: Done what before?

Jesse: Put things on your face.

Alex: I was using my street smarts, Jesse. I’ve actually never used face products. I just use hot water.

Jesse: I literally made my girlfriend do it for me the first time.

Nate: I’ve used face products before, but never this many at once.

Kathleen: Did you find using that many products to be stressful?

Nate: I did! If you can’t tell!

Alex: I started to enjoy the ritual. Like, time for my face to smell nice. It makes sense, why people do it more as a process of “self-care” than whether it actually does anything or not.

Jesse: I found having to wash my face at night a real burden. I hate washing my face. I’d rather take a shower.

Alex: Would you use the face wash in the shower?

Nate: No, but I enjoyed lying in my bed with my freshly washed face.

Jesse: I hated that!

Nate: Making the pillow smell like face cream.

Jesse: I felt like I was getting goo on my pillows.

Alex: Weren’t you supposed to rub the stuff to the point where it absorbed into your face?

Nate: Well, I think portion control was an issue. Like, the first few times. I used WAY too much of everything

Jesse: I don’t think my poor pores could handle the moisture of the moisturizer. My face was TOO moist. All day. MOIST.

Nate: You only needed, like, a dime-size dollop.

Alex: I have a big face, though.

Jesse: Same.

Kathleen: What do you think the purpose of the serum was? Other than to smell like carrot cake?

Nate: I don’t know!

Jesse: Also, maybe I am crazy, but I think it made me break out.


Nate: Like, I get one cream to put on and wash off, and another to rub in slightly wet skin — but TWO creams to rub in? It’s like, why not make one cream that is a mix of both of them?

Jesse: Literally what I was thinking. Why not dump them into a bowl?

Alex: Like the serum + moisturizer?

Jesse: Moistrum. We invented a thing, guys! I will say this, though. I think it worked.

Kathleen: Worked how?

Jesse: A friend asked me if I lost weight because my face looked different. BUT I DIDN’T LOSE WEIGHT.

Nate: Oh yeah, it definitely worked. My skin looked like it was ~glowing~.

Jesse: Thanks, Rob Lowe!

Rob Lowe’s Skin Regimen Is a Miraculous Thing