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Saint Laurent Ad Banned for Using an ‘Underweight’ Model

Photo: Press Association/Twitter

Our neighbors across the pond tend to be quicker to ban ads than their American counterparts. Just this year, a Miu Miu campaign was banned for appearing to sexualize an underage model. (Never mind that the girl in question was 22-year-old actress Mia Goth.) According to Time, the latest ad to come under fire from the country’s Advertising Standards Authority is a Saint Laurent campaign that ran in Elle U.K. and features 18-year-old Dutch model Kiki Willems, who has been a brand exclusive for the past two seasons. The commission, which issued its decision today, cited the model’s visible rib cage and the fact that “her thighs and knees appeared a similar width.” The full adjudication can be read on the ASA’s site. We reached out to Elle U.K., whose official response was “no comment,” and have also contacted Saint Lauren for a comment. We will update this when we hear back.

Saint Laurent Ad Banned for ‘Underweight’ Model